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The Beauty of Wooden Flowers

When planning your wedding, you have many things you need to factor in the process. An important part is the flowers for the event, from those the bridesmaids will carry to the ones used for decorating the venue. Flowers are expensive, yet you want your wedding to look as amazing as possible. There are those who would rather not miss out on flowers, even if it means using others than they had intended. Think of substituting roses with carnations. Some will limit the places, and people having flowers but still, go for roses.

A better approach would be to use wooden roses for the bridal bouquet, in place of the real roses. With such an approach, you will minimize the expenses involved and get something that introduces certain benefits to the event.

The benefits of using wooden roses for a bridal bouquets are welcome in these times. You, for one, get a cheaper yet presentable solution. The wooden roses cost a small percentage as compared to real roses. You can, therefore, stick to your budget easily. They will also have a metal wire stem, which eases the creative process when arranging the bouquet. You can also get them in so many colors, more than you would the limited range of real roses.

Apart from the economic and aesthetic benefits, wooden roses also come with other more practical ones. You may wonder whether they can be handled in the same way you would real roses. The fact that they are wooden may make you worry whether they will even look the part, not to mention act the part. It turns out they indeed can. You can, for example, perform the bouquet toss with no worries. The wood flower bouquet will have the same feel and consistency as a real rose bouquet. It even goes beyond your expectations, since it does not dry out, deteriorate, or rot.

The fact that they will not deteriorate in the same way as real flowers, they make perfect keepsakes. They will retain their original beauty and fresh look for as long as you have them. They can also be infused with essential oils to give them that irresistible scent. Such a powerful combination makes them the ideal choice in so many weddings.

The bendable and strong stem is what gives it all that versatility. You can put flowers in an arrangement that you normally would not with organic flowers. You, therefore, end up with some amazing flower arrangements that will make your day look even better.

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